Street artist

Crisp is an Australian Street Artist that lived in Bogota, Colombia for over 7 years. You can see his stencil pieces all over the urban spaces of the city and around the world. He believes in creating thought provoking and stimulating dynamic artworks especially in decaying concrete jungles to help improve the aesthetic of these unique spaces. His urban art addresses many issues that face modern society including the importance of individual choices in improving our sustainability and environment. Recently Crisp returned to Australia and has started producing his pieces in cities all over the country. He recently visited Melbourne for a mural project and it made sense for us to work together to create something special to signify both our connection to urban creativity, environmentalism, and our Colombian Australian diversity.

Crisp and Mantci bikes have created a collaborative street art design bike frame to honour this new-found friendship and cultural link. The bike frame was painted on the streets of Melbourne near our base in Carlton North. Crisp used a combination of freestyle spray paint techniques and his intricate stencils designs to add another dimension to the sleek form of our new Mantci frame. We loved how our collaboration came about through a shared belief in the power of people and positive choices in making not only our cities but the world a better place. Look out for Crisp using one of our bikes to bring his artwork to a wall near you. Enabling a street artist to spread his art further through clean bike power is just another way Mantci is bringing our communities closer together.


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